If you’ve been denied a mortgage in the past or have less than perfect credit, it doesn’t mean that you can’t refinance today and start saving thousands.  Hometown Lenders is proud to introduce the “2nd Chance Refinance©” program! Now, even with a middle credit score of 600 you are not excluded from taking advantage of today’s historically lower interest rates.  If you are interested in saving money on your mortgage then simply fill out the form below to get started or call us today at (334) 647-1900.

1. Refinance is not guaranteed. You must fully qualify for the selected refinance and meet all the requirements of the loan program you select at the time you apply for the refinance. There may be a full appraisal of your home required when the refinance is requested and the value at that time must be acceptable for the program and loan terms you request. Contact Hometown Lenders for more details.